Online language testing for your Institution

 Effective placement of ESL students into the correct level course is often a challenge for schools. Also, once in a program, tracking of language proficiency is important to determine student progress at different points and transfer options into other programs or institution

Click here: The solution: 100% online English language proficiency testing

 Students can take their English test at home, in the classroom or at work.  "Walk in" students can also take the test right away on your campus.

Swift education services is the authorized TrackTest contact in Canada. We offer a free, no obligation trial  - set up - account - support - codes (discounted cost after trial).

TrackTest Canada provides a free placement test and also core testing for all English levels.

 TrackTest uses a simple, but effective voucher code to access tests. 

  • TrackTest covers all aspects of language proficiency testing – reading, writing and optionally speaking and listening.
  • Proctored exam / Verified certificate option
  • Accurate testing outcomes
  • Canadian Language Benchmark/ IELTS matrix.