We need help with logistics, staffing, teacher training and keeping programs on track. We also need to research and develop new programs ... Not least, we could be concerned about compliance or recertification. Can you help?

We have extensive experience supporting organisations in all these areas, and more.   We know managing an educational institution is complicated.  Our team has over 60 combined years as faculty and senior administration in Colleges and Universities.

We have also helped a number of Colleges to get back on the tracks when things have not been going well.

We need someone to help manage our institution or to be our PTIB required Senior Eduation Administrator (SEA)

We can help by acting as your SEA and we can take on management duties.  

Working with us will be much more cost effective, efficient and flexible than employing a full time position, who may not have the depth of knowledge, related experience and qualifications we offer.

Every organisation is different and has different needs, we would be pleased to discuss how best we can help.

We want to start a new Institution (College or social service agency) or purchase an exisiting one - can you help?

Absolutely, we have worked closely with new ownership many times to develop business plans and managed every step of the way to gaining certification and eventually full designation (EQA and DLI). We have 100% success rate.

We can also help if you are thinking of buying an existing Institution or have recently acquired one. There is a lot to do and we can help in many ways.

Concern: We have a lot of private information that we don't want to disclose to an outsider.

You can trust us to keep all your information in complete confidence. We ensure both confidentiality and discretion at all times. All our team members have regulated professional designations and follow a set of professional standards.
Before we meet, we will provide a confidentiality agreement to give you that further confidence.

We need an effective system for student English testing - can you help?

Swift Education Services is the Canadian representative for TrackTest - the online solution for Student English testing.

We offer a free trial.

For more information visit our landing page click here.

What will it cost us to meet with you and discuss our needs?

Meet with us for FREE. There is no obligation.   You can decide how much information you want to provide us.  We are happy to help out right away.

You will find us very knowledgeable, professional and just as important, friendly.